Company Info

ATG is a Michigan based company. We understand the need for innovative tools that assist fleets, service providers and original equipment manufacturers in reducing the potential for wheel separations from vehicles with hub-piloted wheel systems. We create hard-working American made products that are designed to improve the performance and reliability of your vehicles. Delivering tools that add value and prevent wheel separations is our mission.

Getting actively involved in the needs of the industry we developed the patent pending 5-in-1 gauge. This gauge can be used to inspect: M22 x 1.5 wheel studs, 33MM wheel nuts, and hub-piloted wheel bolt holes. This gauge is precision machined to tight tolerances that are not affected by the day-to-day work environment and coated to prevent rust.

Anti-Indexing Sleeves were designed for the rigors of severe duty applications such as refuse and work extremely well for Line Haul and P&D applications. Anti-Indexing Sleeves are color coded, free floating harden sleeves that slide over M22 x 1.5 studs to fill the air gap be-tween the hub-piloted wheel and the stud to prevent movement or indexing.

For more information regarding 5-in-1 Gauges and Anti-Indexing Sleeves contact ATG by emailing or Tuffy Manufacturing by emailing